What Happened in My First Yoga Class?

After much persistence from my college roommate, I finally agreed to take a hot yoga or Bikram yoga class with her. The studio was located behind a grocery store close to our college campus. We walked in, were greeted by a friendly receptionist who took down all sorts of information about us. Including our medical […]

Can Yoga Be Fun?

I attended a yoga class once a few years ago and was so excited to add a new muscular toning exercise to my weekly regimen. The instructor was well qualified to teach a class and I was ready to sweat and work hard.  It was when she turned on the soft music and hit a […]

Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

What is mindfulness meditation? First of all, meditation is an excellent tool for deepening spirituality and expanding personal growth. Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that can be done anywhere and at any time. It has tremendous potential to help you lead a more aware life and to make better decisions in life. With […]

Some Yoga Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises that are used in Yoga can be done separately or while doing some yoga poses. There are a variety of breathing techniques that are used in yoga. Breathing exercises enhance the practice of yoga as you learn new ways to calm and energize your body. The following paragraphs contain information about some of […]

My First Zen Moment Through Yoga

Perhaps it is the milky-white pallor of my Eastern European skin exerting some kind of outside-in influence on me, but I am not even remotely Zen. Inner peace and a unity of the mind and body—much less with the world around me–evade me. Most days I am a Quasimodian mess of tensed muscles and twitching […]

My Local Yoga Class

Anatomy fitness studio first opened in my neighborhood a couple of years ago. They renovated the building that had been abandoned for some time and made it look so intriguing. They posted a banner outside of the building with their website address on it: http://www.anatomyla.com, even before they officially opened. Curious, I visited their website. […]

My Tips for Beginning Yoga

I am just like you. I wake up like you. I take a shower like you, sometimes, a bath – but still like you. I eat like you. And lastly, I sleep like you sleep. I’m a type of person that wants a great body, but I don’t really have the time to really commit […]

Yoga and Other Stress Relief Techniques

When throughout life we all deal with stress, it’s a natural way our body works, we use stress for the creative, purpose driven motivation and in some cases, our very survival depends on how we react to our stress. However, when that same motivating stress turns against us and makes us overwhelmed, we need to […]

Meditation Techniques in Yoga

You’ve probably heard by now about the beneficial effects of meditation. A regular meditation practice can evaporate stress, lower your blood pressure, improve your memory and concentration, and help you to sleep better. On another level, meditation can be a powerful way to build your capacity for compassion towards others and yourself, address sources of […]

An Introduction to Yoga Postures

Yoga is a favorite sport for many body conscious people. It also serves those who enjoy quiet and peaceful scenery as well as those who have limited physical abilities. You can entertain a yoga regime even if you have limited physical ability because many of the postures and poses are not as strenuous or complex […]