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Anatomy fitness studio first opened in my neighborhood a couple of years ago. They renovated the building that had been abandoned for some time and made it look so intriguing. They posted a banner outside of the building with their website address on it:, even before they officially opened. Curious, I visited their website. I was really impressed with the quality of work done on the site. The colors matched well together, and of course matched the colors of their building. Soft gray and orange tones made for a relaxing, yet professional look. They seemed to be very modern and up to date on the technical things people used to gather information, such as having a Facebook page and a Twitter feed at the bottom of their page. At the top of their site, they had the navigation bar. I was impressed that the site was a bit interactive and allowed visitors to register an account with the site and use it to sign up for their classes. This was handy for customers to verify that there would be enough spaces available for a particular class they wished to attend. The next link was the ‘Staff’ link, which was just a section that provided simple yet informative text describing a few of the trainers that worked at the studio. A picture of each instructor was added, giving it a nice touch of professionalism.

Yoga Class at a Gym

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The ‘Studio’ link leads to a small collection of pictures taken from inside the actual studio. This is helpful to give an idea of what the studio looks like, especially for shy people who are not comfortable visiting a location and not knowing what to expect. The photographs look as if they were taken by a professional photographer and are of high quality and resolution. Following those links is the ‘Class Schedule’ link, which leads the visitor to a site designed to demonstrate all classes that are available for a given day or that have been canceled. It also shows which instructor will be giving the class, the time at which the class will be given, and options to purchase memberships. The next two links, the ‘Contact’ and ‘Facebook’ links, are, of course, methods of contacting the studio. The ‘Contact’ link leads directly to a page on the site that allows visitors to send a normal web form regarding their inquiries or suggestions on topics such as the classes offered or the website itself. It is appropriately titled the ‘Feedback’ page. The Facebook link leads to their page on Facebook, which is also neatly updated on daily to weekly basis.

On the homepage, the most eye-catching piece of information is fittingly the pricing list. It blends in well with the rest of the page structure and is not overly distracting. The prices are displayed in a neat column, starting with their “drop-in” rate for those who have not purchased a membership yet and wish to try a particular class on a given day. The prices for the membership packages are pretty reasonable. They offer packages ranging from as little as four classes to as many as thirty classes. These packages are good for five months after they are purchased, so a member does not have to attend all of the classes they signed up for in a consecutive manner. If you decide to drop in for their community yoga classes the price is lower than taking one of their other classes individually. They also list the prices for their yoga mat and towel rentals, which are very reasonably priced. Also offered in the studio are protein shakes, bars, and water that can be purchased during a class break.

The atmosphere in the studio is just as relaxing and professional as their website sets forth. The outside of their building is a cool gray with their neon sign being the same orange that matches their website. The polished wooden flooring and teal and orange hues inside make it very cozy and inviting. The instructors definitely know how to set up a studio. There is a row of kickboxing equipment along the far left wall set up with plenty of space for people to use. The yoga class is conducted in the middle of the room using their yoga mats. Customers select a spot they wish to be at, which are spaced out adequately, and the instructor takes their place at the very front of the group. There are two mirrors, one at the front and one to the side facing the entrance. This makes it nice to spy on others, or at least see how you are doing in comparison to them. It also aides the instructor to make sure directions are followed and proper postures are obtained.

The classes are easy to follow along. Even beginners will be at ease with following the instructions given by the instructor. Soft music is played throughout the class. As their website describes, each class is approximately an hour. The time can sometimes seem less because you are so relaxed that time just seems to pass by so quickly. All of the instructors are very nice and helpful. They never make you feel inadequate, especially if you are a beginner. They help to make the experience very enjoyable and relaxing and handle everything in a professional manner. This is why I like coming here for the yoga classes. They are simply the best around! As long as they are in business, I will always come to them for my yoga classes.

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