What is the Point of Yoga?

I walked into a store and grabbed Yoga for beginners, a Yoga mat and Yoga pants = $7

Bettering my health for the rest of my life and dealing with anxiety = PRICELESS!

I realized that I was trying to make a change for the better and did not want to have any reason to go back so I needed to figure out what my goals were. I needed to have a clear view of what I was doing. I wanted to have something more than a fad that ‘looks cute’, something that would last throughout my whole life. One main question sat on my mind… What is Yoga? Is it purely sitting in one place and becoming the most beautiful living breathing statue or is it something more?

‘Yoga is a science. You can learn to master your body and your mind.’ That is one statement I cringe at when I hear or read online because it is NOT a science! I believe it is more so of an art and anything BUT a science! Saying it is a science denotes that in order to be able to enjoy this, you need to love science or have a degree or PHD in science which is very silly. Why do people have to make it seem more than it is? Anyone no matter what their level of physical prowess can get into Yoga and better their body!

Unlike the Ab Circle Pro, there is no weight limit to being able to execute the moves. If you have an Ab Circle Pro and you are over 301 lbs, guess what, you cannot use this awesome device until you are 300 lbs or less! The reason why I assert that this is an art and very easy to get into and stay into is because there are many beginner DVDs out there that you and a friend can buy and share between the two of you. That is if you two are working as a team because that’s what is best for you and you know that working with someone will help you keep yourself on track. Just make sure that person isn’t the fence sitting goalie. A fence sitting goalie is the one who will work out with you but distract you from working out or tell you to quit because they feel like quitting or worse quit on you and then go grab the unhealthiest thing they could eat and eat it in front of you!!!

Any way I am getting a little carried away because I have been in that situation too many times and I am starting to get a real feel of what does and doesn’t work for me.

Now back to the subject of Yoga. Yoga, what is it? Is it important? What will help myself and others enjoy this much better than just being told to buy a DVD?

You will be surprised to know that Yoga has the same focus as Meditation, harmony with the one source of all being. My interpretation of this would be that Yoga is the art of being aware of your body, balance, and feelings. It is a great way to better your immune system, trim your body, lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, lower stress, control cravings, improve your complexion (better skin), better digestion & mental health. You can also boost your confidence and awareness of your body and surroundings or learn techniques to focus and calm your mind and breathing techniques to keep you healthy. And that is just some of the benefits of doing Yoga, so what are you waiting for? If you are worried about not having enough money to go get a Yoga DVD, why not pool the money with some friends and start a Yoga group that will keep you motivated. You could also search for free (legal) videos online because a lot of people are trying to promote getting healthy.

The beginner video I used (until it was stolen from me) focused primarily on breathing and teaching you the moves like ‘the downward dog’. While being taught to do the breathing exercise and even before doing anything in the video, the instructor comes on and talks to anyone wanting to start Yoga in their lives. She says that you should always pay attention to how you are feeling; if you ever feel sick, dizzy or out of the ordinary, stop doing Yoga immediately and contact a physician if the feeling worsens. That warning is not just to cover their legal behinds but to start you off realizing how you feel when you do Yoga.

I learned fairly quickly that the energizing moves were extremely energizing and I also found that if I ate the right breakfast in conjunction with this new found love, my metabolism would soar. Try to switch a glass of milk out with Silk’s Very Vanilla or Vanilla, if you like Vanilla. I am just offering it up as a suggestion because I love it and when I drink it between meals, I stay fuller longer! If I tried to eat nothing and do Yoga on an empty stomach, not only did I feel less energized but I felt sick afterwards. That is another HUGE point I would like to make. DO NOT exercise on an empty stomach – it does not burn fat better or help boost your metabolism. Instead, it does the exact opposite! Your body will think it is starting and as a result, it retain as much fat as it can to survive what you’ve told it to survive…STARVATION! Tricking your body into thinking it is starving is one of the worst things you can do to your new journey of better health and weight. All in all, you can do one important thing to fully enjoy Yoga: Don’t focus so much on losing weight, focus on your body and how it makes you feel before, during and after you finish Yoga. Who knew that even for just 15 minutes a day, you can start on a journey to better yourself all around for a lifetime!

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